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Chimeric Violet is a bara VN with light RPG elements - the project started as just a writing exercise in putting together a small-scale, excessively gay low fantasy JRPG-ish story, and eventually took on enough material to try finishing off properly as a short game.

Taking place mostly in one city as it completely collapses over the course of a single night, the game works in reasonable quantities of monster-fucking offset with a decent amount of character interaction, at least trying for something approaching worldbuilding at times. While the direction might be a little self-indulgent, putting together something like this is an exercise in doing something entirely for yourself; and I hope that, if you try it, you’ll find something to enjoy in the characters, music, or at least in the fantastic art that goes far beyond what a project like this deserves.

The game is now available for download, and is entirely free.
Both parts of the game's soundtrack are also available to download for free.

More information including character profiles, guest artwork and setting details can be found on the project's Twitter.

Character & CG Artwork - kien-biu

Creature Artwork & Design - witnesstheabsurd

Character & CG Artwork - halakadira

Character, Battle & Landscape Artwork - shaedry

Costume Artwork - yukinayee

Pixel Art - alberttheimpact

Music - granulatedvacancies


CHIMERICVIOLET Release (30-07-19).zip 1,023 MB
Save01.rvdata2 29 kB

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Hello, I love your game and CGIs but, I have a chromebook, so I can't play, Can you upload a video showing off all the sexy bad ends, Or are you planning on making a browser version?

Hi I try to play the game but I can't go far than the first boss I don't understand why I can't kill him I'm paralyzed and I die even when I try to protect myself so maybe I passed something cause I don't speak well English but if there is a tutorial or something for help let me know please 😁

For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

I'm just downloading it from here and hoping that there is a Mac Version included, since most RP-creation programs offer these and I've seen a lot of Games containing an .exe-file as well as an .app-file to start them.

Linux usually uses WINE to run Windows-based programs, but if someone's capable of offering an executable .sh-file, it's even better.

Anyway, hoping to find the .app-file in the unzipped folder and looking forward to playing it, now that I know it's like a cute little pixel-RPG *weeeee*

Sorry, as this was done in RMVX; you may need to run it in WINE. In addition, if you run into issues with the game displaying only half the window when played through WINE, resetting the window size to "x1 (Default)" in the options should fix it.

Alright, no problem then. I'll figure something out. As soon as I can use my Linux Notebook again, I'll be able to play then at the latest - 'til then, I'll try to get WINE for Mac running and see if it works.

Thanks for the info and Happy Holidays still!

Hey there was just wondering if there was going to be an android version for this game?

please help!!!

How can I save progress. 

These torches are the save points. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Hi, I have just started playing this game and I got stuck when I first met Ayreen. After I analyzing Zasaroja’s heath condition and talked to Ayreen. I was then talked to Zasaroja’s spirit form or something then I found myself woke up in a room. But the room is locked and I don’t know what to do next.

Is this the room you're stuck in?

The right door is blocked by a rock after Iustirho wakes up, but you can continue through the left door.

Thank you. I have never thought of that.

Hi, I have just completed side A of the story. The game is amazing and fantastic, especially for the art which is fabulous. But I’m a little confused with the plot. I don’t understand what is Telwas’ intention, and why Iustirho had to choose between Telwas and Zasaroja. What I mean is: What are the benefits for Iustirho if he choose Zasaroja and the other way around. I chose Zasaroja’s side but I don’t understand why he had to fight with other chimeras and characters. I understand that Ayreen and others are there to stop him but why the chimeras? Isn’t he the fifth chimera?

It's great to hear you enjoyed some part of it, I apologise if some things weren't as clear as they should have been. Hopefully, this helps clarify:

For what Telwas wants to do, I'll let you do the side B ending for the details of what his actual plan is, but his broad objective is to limit the influence on the now-stabilising chimeras (including Iustirho) on the rest of the world  by confining them to the city of Ledra.

For Iustirho's actual decision - it's informed by both the odd messages he gets from the "other" Zasaroja and the growing connection that is showing itself as they slowly become stable as a chimera, combined with his remaining distrust and dislike of both Telwas and her - he would prefer if Telwas actually could stop Zasaroja, but doesn't trust his capability to do so and is wary of what his actual part in it will be. Similarly, while he doesn't particularly want Zasaroja to succeed, he knows that he probably does have the best chance of survival if he follows her.

Although he doesn't know all the details when actually making the decision, it ends up coming down to being able to live in a world thrown into chaos by five chimeras roaming freely through it or keeping things stable at the cost of being imprisoned indefinitely.

Finally, the drowning scene and the sequence ascending the tower and fighting the various human characters and chimeras didn't physically happen; it was basically a hallucination that occurred as Iustirho and Zasaroja became a stable chimera, representing the final stages of the process - Zasaroja was basically speeding the process of consolidation up through it, whereas in the other ending with Telwas it occurs more slowly on its own while Iustirho and Zasaroja are further away from each other.

The other human characters are entirely dreamt up in that sequence (which is why they either don't speak or are shown suddenly changing languages - the line of dialogue around encountering Ayreen is also in the wrong colour, remembered from a prior scene and shown with no nametag), but the other chimeras and Zasaroja are actually them, speaking to Iustirho in this dreamlike state. The scene after this with Aztargal and Zasaroja also shows Iustirho on the ground in the same place wearing the same clothes as before the whole set of scenes occurred - he and Zasaroja were actually just unconscious on the ground the whole time.

Hopefully that helps - please let me know if you have any further questions either now or after the Side B ending.

Wow, thank you for such an elaborate explain. I love the plot for its complexity and depth, the story itself is unique, that’s why I really want to understand it fully. But since I’m not a native speaker I have to use a dictionary sometimes while playing the game. There’s only one thing left that makes me wonder. Why Iustirho would want to stop Zasaroja? If she not succeed then he will eventually die soon due to osphor poisoning. Or even worse, he might even become an unstable chimera and end up being trapped like the other chimeras. And finally, I want to say it again. The game is top-notch although this is your first project. I wish you success in your future projects. 

Part of it is him just not wanting her to get what she wants out of spite.

But although Iustirho is massively self-centered, even he recognises that letting Zasaroja have free reign to do whatever she wants to the world all but unopposed would end in disaster - especially after seeing what just being exposed to Meleuma did to Yaldukra; even having stable chimeras being free to move around could be seen to be dangerous. In Telwas' ending path, you also see that wanting to keep Liesefranche safe is another major reason why he would consider dying or being sealed.

In any case, thank you so much for trying the game - it means a lot that you're looking forward to what will come next. It'll still be a while before anything can be shown for it, but hopefully the first teases / previews for it will be ready sometime in the second half of 2020.

May I ask a question? When Iustirho was captured by Oris and Viqevi and then was pierced with a nipple ring. He said that he was pierced before and the nipple ring was originally his. But I don’t remember him wearing any nipple ring before. Did I miss anything?

It does show up once before, but it is easy to not notice - in the first flashback section when you're introduced to Liesefranche, Iustirho's portrait includes piercings.

This happened when I encountered the snake like chimera (the spider web one) in the garden the second time. After that scene, I went to a place that looks like a temple where there are many Zasaroja. After that, Iustirho turned into Zasaroja and I don’t know what to do after that, since there are nothing for me to pick or anyone to hold a conversation with.

Once you're controlling Zasaroja in that section, you should be able to enter three doors on each side of the area to talk with the other chimeras - after that, you exit through the final door that appears at the top to end the scene and move on.

Is there a way to manually save and skip the opening credits? 

If by manually saving, you mean saving through the pause menu outside of the regular save points; that isn't possible, sorry.

Since the opening only plays on starting a new game, that can't be skipped either.

Apologies for any inconvenience that causes - the next project is being planned to be less restrictive in that regard.

how do I beat It?? Can someone help me please..

For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

Oh ok thank you

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How do I defeat Lowjatar, she does too much damage and for some reason I cant use my heals anymore :(

Being unable to heal (or use any other ability in the Quietives menu) is a result of it using 'Abacination' on you. To remove the effect, you need to use the skill 'IX: Souliei.'

Hey, thanks for the tip! I finished the game but left wondering. It said that gallery is finished but I loaded the lastest save and some of the pictures are missing?



How do I defeat Mapira ;_;

As with the previous ability-matched enemies (Xanthellum, Parvum etc.) in that battle, you need to hit it once with your own skill Mapira. 

Hi! The game is amazing. Anyone know where I can get to the parliament, got stuck there. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

If it was getting to Parliament where you were stuck; from the Factory / canals area, you need to go back to the first intersection under the Praeses' residence and go right instead of left.

From there, you'd go up through the square and through the gardens.

This door next to a save point leads to a hedge area, going through that will lead you to Parliament.


Thank u so much, I’ve been wandering around the whole time ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Liesefranche is so cute. pl3as3 tell me i can do the do w him


He does have a scene, but unfortunately just one. However, he does also show up in the additional artwork by Gigan and Juggermelon.

you fools! in your hubris you've neglected this poor man and incurred my wrath! jk

i can't seem to install the game. help? 

"an error occured while installation. No manager for installer

To run the game, you shouldn't need to install anything - just extract the "CHIMERICVIOLET Release 30-07-19.zip" and start it from the 'game.exe'.

Please let me know if this addresses your problem.

thank you for the quick reply. unfortunately, it doesn't: I can only download "Save 01" or "Save 02" it seems.

That's strange - I'm not even seeing a second 'save' file.

Where are you attempting to download it?

from it.chio. i clicked on the upper download button and all that comes up is something along the lines of "Save 01". also, please re-read my original message

Could you please give me a screenshot of what you clicked on to download it, just so we're completely clear?

I just finished Side A of the game. Would playing again to do Side B unlock missing artwork from the gallery?

Yes - although you don't have to repeat anything, just loading up the save made before deciding to go with Telwas or not and choosing the other decision will work.

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Load up the game -> watch unskippable cutscene -> Paralyzed the entire fight. Anyone got any advice?

If you're referring to the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

I had a feeling it was one of those situations, i'm just to stupid and headstrong to admit defeat. 
Thanks BD.


I just finished Chimeric Violet and wow this game is amazing!! I love your way of storytelling  I really want a body pillow of Iustirho after all this lol.

The game is amazing! I'm really enjoying every part of it. But I'm very stuck at the part where I get the Flares and then go all the way down and activate the last scene with  Patricia. After that I know that I have to find the 2 last scenes with Meleuma and Greenhouse, and then activate the Flares somewhere. But I can't find any location of these 3 . Could you tell me where to go?

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Thanks - to be clear, would that be the second scene with Patricia activated at this part of the industrial area?

To progress, after going to the next screen, you'll move to an intersection; the last Meleuma scene is in the area seen after going left, the last Greenhouse scene is in the area after going down.

After doing that, you should be able to access the last optional scene by going back to those three places in the industrial area.

After that's done, you use the flares automatically by progressing past this bridge area - if you haven't done all the optional chimera scenes when you get there, you'll be notified.

I hope that helped, please ask if you have further questions.

The game is really fun!! Just got past IT so far! Am I supposed to lose against him? 

Yes, you could only progress through the first chimera fight by dying and picking 'submit'. The rest of the chimera battles don't have the part with the game over menu - the scenes will just progress directly after losing.

Thank you! Interesting!! I'm playing in short bursts and I'm still figuring out the game! So far I'm having fun!

Just got through my third encounter with a Chimera, I guess I am supposed to lose every time lol. Not that I'm complaining though!

Deleted 154 days ago

Thanks. Ayreen is a woman, so that kind of falls out of scope.

I do agree the age range is pretty narrow - Liesefranche is the oldest character to get CGs, and he's only 42. 

For any future projects in this vein, I do want to have a bit more variety in that regard - none of the guys here have graying hair, for example, and the body types are fairly similar. 

i apologize, i had just started the game and didn’t know! 

i do adore the designs for the guys, though - especially iustirho. 

i appreciate you taking time to reply!

I can´t pass the battle vs it, that monster always paralyzes me with its scream and then i just cant move until i die, any hint? xD

Mac version or no..

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Do I miss something permanent if I dodge the pixel monster in the hedgemaze via luring lights? and if so are there any other missable content like that?

edit: also are levels very important or not that necessary?

There's 7 optional scenes related to those - 6 if you run into the chimeras, and the seventh once they're all done. You can always go back and do them if they've been missed up until a specific point; where you'll be told that something hasn't been completed and asked if you want to continue without doing them or not.

Levels are related to that - they're not really used for anything game-wise, but after each encounter it lowers; with the final extra scene available once it falls to 10.


Excuse me, I have a question. No matter how many times you play, you can not proceed any more if you push any button from the bottom of the facility where the first monster is defeated and the person covered in the mask is in. How can I avoid it?


Are you using the current version of the game? The 28/06/19 version and later shouldn't have that problem.

If you are using the current version of the game and still have that problem, please tell me exactly what you did beforehand to help in identifying the issue.


The version downloaded from this page (https://bdellium.itch.io/chimeric-violet) is used. But I was able to avoid the problem. I could avoid this bug because I had this bug where I did not have to go back to the factory before going to the canal. Thank you for your reply.

How you fix it ? I can't avoid this bug.

I have the same issue, and i start to play this game today. How i fix it ?

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Buffed Telwas,best Telwas

Did anyone else encounter an issue in which Orris suddenly starts speaking French (I think) during the Upstream route? My friend and I both encountered this.

No, that's just how it was written - suddenly changing languages at that point was just done to reinforce the fact that Orris there is just part of Iustirho's extended hallucination as the chimera becomes stable; while Aztargal, Zasaroja and the rest of the chimeras are actually speaking to him and not imagined.

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Is there a game menu? I can't seem to find it... I want to save my progress and change the resolution of the game. Without a game menu, I can't seem to do these things.    (I just started, at the first dialog interaction)

SeNd hALp

The menu is accessed through the 'esc' key - you can't save through it, however; you need to access the save points at these torches. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Is there any way to get past that rolling orb puzzle?  I just can't do it.  I really hate these kinds of mechanics.  And there's been no save point, so I'm really don't want to have to redo that long chain of boss fights beforehand.

A similar question was asked by 'glyic' below - did any part of that response help with your issues with that section? If it's causing that much frustration, then it'll be looked at for future revisions.


I eventually got lucky, but I got sent back to the start of the 1st room a lot.  It's really frustrating to be sent back to the start of the previous room to have to do both over again i.e. from room 3 to 2 and then 2 to 1. Most of those orbs were moving way too fast, my reflexes aren't that sharp to catch a lot of those frame critical timings.  It's why I avoid timing and platformer games i.e. "Mario/Sonic/Street Fighter/etc".  

I was seriously wondering if I was going to be able to get to the end of the game.  I almost never finished Wild Arms 3 because of an invisible floor puzzle with required jumping in the final dungeon, I forgot about the game for like 4 years.

Anyway, the idea that something could bar Zasaroja's progress through this maze was interesting, but it didn't get easier with repeated attempts.  Which, I think multiple failures should start slowing down those orbs to half and eventually one-quarter speed, especially because you can't run in that area.  And orbs in the 3rd map didn't disappear after multiple failures.  But the 2nd map was where I had the most difficulty.

Sorry for only offering complaints so far because the story concept has been genuinely intriguing on many thematic levels.  I mean, I think this would work even if it was a "safe for work" title.  Not that I'm advocating changing to "sfw" but it's definitely engaging enough to keep me interested even in the event that inclusion of erotic content ceases to be possible.  That said, I did enjoy the erotic male/male content and always look forward to more of that.

I really liked that the story became a juxtaposition of high fantasy meets an almost "Dr. Who" science fiction at the end, it reminds me a lot of The Witcher novels and games in that way.  And even as I'm writing this I wonder if it's possible for planes of existence in this world to merge into being a "stable Chimera" i.e. bypass the need to hop from one reality to another or perhaps better facilitate it?  Or perhaps they already are akin to a Chimera and that's why multiple planes of reality are possible?  

It's rare that a game gives you a number of satisfactory closing elements while at the same time keeping you looking forward to what could come next.  But that's what I feel you've accomplished and I'm looking forward to the future possibilities of our resident immortal madwoman dragging our favorite battered samurai through more inter-dimensional mayhem. XD

And level 69 was an awesome in game joke ^w^  XD  Very much appreciated.


Sorry for the delay - that's finally been revised as of the 30-07-19 version, with the balls on the last two stages being removed on the next attempt once you return.

Thanks for all the feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience.


this game is so good. the writing is superb. the art and sound is phenomenal. by the end, i find myself so invested in this universe. and all of this for free lol. i could imagine myself paying $15 for this on steam. this game was an unforgettable experience. my meat is beat and i wish i had a body pillow of iustirho.

Thanks - it's always amazing hearing that at least some of what the game tried to do worked for someone.

A body pillow pattern honestly is pretty possible, but you'd probably have to wait for a little while for everyone to be free to do it, assuming it'd be human Iustirho on one side and his alternate form on the other...

loving this so far until i got to the moving black balls..... any tips for getting past that area?

The balls in the very last part are supposed to disappear on the next try if you get hit by them, I need to make sure that's actually happening. Other than that, the paths don't overlap, so you can usually get by just by standing in one spot and moving immediately as one passes you - in addition, the very last one can be bypassed by walking on the stone balcony, but people sometimes miss that because it uses a different tile.

nice thanks :)

I'm a little stuck after getting the flares. Where do I go from there?

At that point, you should be heading down to the area where the second chimera encounter happened, past the canals. You can progress past the point that was blocked off on the bridge now.

Thanks, I feel like an idiot cause I went down there, but I didn't think to actually go next to the gate. follow up question though, the game told me Patricia needs to see me one more time, or something like that, but I don't know where to find Patricia. If it helps, I have images 1-17 unlocked only.

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That's for the last optional chimera scene - if you've done all the others (3 for Meleuma, 2 for Patricia, 3 for the Greenhouse), she appears in multiple screens in the industrial area to trigger it.

However, as a note, versions prior to the current release (16/07/19) had an issue that sometimes occurred when triggering the event, if you're using an older version and want to see the scene it might be a good idea to update before you complete the conditions.

I uploaded the game through the Itch platform and also separately. All I get is the welcome screen with the new game icon clicking. Nothing can be done after. 

I once had a start but it stopped at the screen with Orris saying "They have advanced both sides". Then nothing.

Can you help ?


When you say "separately", are you just downloading 'CHIMERIC VIOLET Release (16/07/19)'.zip normally, extracting it and running 'Game.exe'?

Through just testing that again now, there appeared to be no issues - please let me know exactly what you're doing to help determine where the problem is.

(1 edit)

I tried to upload the file.zip both directly from the link in the above text (unzipping and playing game.exe)  and from the Itch link below and launching it. I always get the same thing : a very long time beginning screen (more than 5mn), then a still page with NEW GAME blinking but nothing appears when you try to click on it. Then nothing.

Only once there was a kind of beginning of story with the list of contributors and it stopped on a page with ORRIS and another character with the text : "They have advanced both sides ...". There was a down arrow below the text but clicking anywhere did nothing.

I have never played the game before and never seen the previous release. So I didn't upload the small file attached, nor the sound files.

I am now trying to reinstall the game from Itch and will let you know.


Ok, what the fuck? INSANELY long unskippable intro that PAUSES when you aren't in the window? Are you a fucking sadist? I'm uninstalling right now. I haven't even begun to play. But nothing is worth this. I don't care if it's the best game ever, I fucking despise YOU.


The best part is that you're forced to watch it twice to see the full ending.

I need help! .___.
Every time I visit the factory in the west circle and speak with Telwas for the first time, the game freezes when I return for the second time. What am I supposed to do?

Thanks for bringing up the issue - to be clear, what version of the game are you using, and where are you experiencing this problem specifically? As in, what occurred immediately beforehand, and what kind of freeze is it (black screen, can't move, etc.)?

hm, I visit the factory, speak with Telwas, and after that, I go to the place, where this large crowd of people is; I go back to the Factory, and then entering the hall Iusthiro just walks straight to the railing, the game freezes and I cannot move anymore.

I'm using the latest version, 16/07/19, but to be honest this issue occurred in earlier versions too.


Do you mean the part in the square where there's a comment made about the evacuation of the city?

You're not supposed to go in that direction at this point, instead you need to continue by going down to the bottom of the canals.

But thank you for the additional detail, I'll try to see what makes going in that order cause this issue.

OMG..  Thanks for pointing that out 😂

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