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Chimeric Violet is a bara VN with light RPG elements - the project started as just a writing exercise in putting together a small-scale, excessively gay low fantasy JRPG-ish story, and eventually took on enough material to try finishing off properly as a short game.

Taking place mostly in one city as it completely collapses over the course of a single night, the game works in reasonable quantities of monster-fucking offset with a decent amount of character interaction, at least trying for something approaching worldbuilding at times. While the direction might be a little self-indulgent, putting together something like this is an exercise in doing something entirely for yourself; and I hope that, if you try it, you’ll find something to enjoy in the characters, music, or at least in the fantastic art that goes far beyond what a project like this deserves.

The game will of course be free, and the full release is scheduled for June 27, with a demo now available. The demo contains the game’s opening up to the first major CG, mostly just introducing the main cast and setting.

More information including character profiles, artwork and setting details can be found on the project's Twitter.

Character & CG Artwork - kien-biu

Creature Artwork & Design - witnesstheabsurd

Character & CG Artwork - halakadira

Character, Battle & Landscape Artwork - shaedry

Costume Artwork - yukinayee

Pixel Art - alberttheimpact

Music - granulatedvacancies

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Tagsbara, Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Gay, JRPG, LGBT, Monsters
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksTwitter, Soundtrack


CHIMERIC VIOLET Demo (25/11/18) 373 MB

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Interesting project I stumbled onto....a week before it finished nonetheless!! I'm kinda curious though, is this supposed to be an erotic horror game? It kinda feels like that's where this is going.

On a side note, is the game going to explain the setting more? I basically understand what's happening but I'm a little fuzzy about a few things, like where we are, how far away are we from the nuke site, why did the assassinated king like charcol panties so much, etc.

First, thanks for your interest in the game.

I'm not entirely sure about the 'erotic horror' angle, depending on how you define it - while some themes and elements of horror might overlap, as a description of the game as a whole I'm not sure it fits. It's a bit closer to how a SMT game would set out its world post-apocalypse, although these events are more localised.  

With how front-loaded the exposition was in the prologue, I was hesitant to pile on more, but the more important parts of the setting and background do get further explanation. For your two questions - Murechis, where Zasaroja, Iustirho and Telwas were born, is an island, while Gulkea, the country the game takes place in, is part of the mainland it's closest to. Telwas' profile deals a  little more with how the country was split following the incident, with a small provisional government seceding to govern East Murechis as its own nation, which despite suffering less of the direct effects of the incident (that occurred in its capital close to the western coast) still experienced far from a smooth transition of power given how much of the country's infrastructure was gutted and the time it took to re-establish a political relationship with countries on the mainland - at the time the game takes place, Murechis as a whole is still a shell.

The underwear is there for a specific reason - after the prologue, Iustirho can wear any of those four pieces after his leggings are destroyed. The description of the charcoal-coloured pair just signifies that they were used and set aside to be washed, not that the Praeses has a particular preference for that colour.

Hopefully that helped - if there's any further things you'd like cleared up; feel free to ask.

am excited and looking forward to playing the full game next week...

I really hope there's gonna be a mac version coming really soon. I may not have been able to play it, but it really looks good.

Will there be a mac version made?

After the full release is out, I'd like to do a Mac wrapper for the game, but that could take some time to test; as all I have access to are Windows PCs.

Hello, just wanna ask, will this be also available for android? I really like the demo on pc so far but would really like an android version too.

It's great to hear you enjoyed the demo - unfortunately, nothing can really be promised in regards to Android, since this was made in the VX editor (as opposed to 2000/2003 which have more mature emulators and MV which has native compatibility) - and as such there doesn't appear to be an easy way to run it on Android.

Oh ok,anyway, im super excited on the release this month :)

I can't seem to download the demo

At what stage are you having the issue? The "cvd18v2.rar" file contains the "xovv.exe", which needs to be run to extract everything.

Or is the download just not starting for you? 

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It downloads as a rar file and tries to open in my internet explorer but it won't open. The rar file doesn't give me xovv.exe to run.

Were you trying to play it in a browser? That isn't supported, since the rar file (cvd18v2.rar) contains the xovv.exe which needs to be run to extract the game data.

However, if you were just trying to download it normally, I'm not sure what the issue was, since the file appears to be working when tried again that way.

I was just trying to download it. For some reason when I download it the file opens my I.E. and never allows me to extract it.

Oh, are you saying you can't open the .rar file once you've downloaded it?

If you're not able to use WinRAR at the moment, here's a version in ZIP.

Quite looking forward to this game.

Hype, hype, hype, hype...

I love the game ! Please keep it up !!!

Can you tell me how to save the game

The save points are the torches with violet flames - just walk up to one and press Enter to bring up the save menu.

If you go past the door next to the first save point without using it, you're supposed to get a pop up explaining what it does and asking if you want to continue without saving - did that not show up for you, or was it written in an unhelpful way?

Thanks ad :))

This game looks pretty interesting. Any chance there'll be a version for Mac user?

A native Mac version would likely only be considered after the full release; so until then you may have to run the game under WINE or with a VM.

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Just a head's up to anyone who wants to play this through the Itch Io app - the "Launch" button is configured to start the extraction process, it is NOT an executable for the game itself. After the extraction process is done you have to go to where the files were installed and start the game manually. It's under the "xovv" folder.

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Hey bdellium!

Congratulations on this project! I've been checking out the demo and for the most part I really liked it. I found the story "a bit" dense and overcomplicated initially, but that's a matter of personal taste. The character designs are nicely done! Although some styles between artists clashed a bit, perhaps. Overall, there game is aiming to have a lot of personality and trying to do its own thing! Which is something I appreciate above anything else. I'm also happy that you got so many downloads. This is one of those projects that, I believe, shows once more than there's an audience for this type of games out there. JUST two quick issues;

1) Maybe you found out about this one already but still I feel like reporting it, just in case. After the FIRST meeting with VIQUEL(?) - (can't remember the name exactly, but he's the somber, dark skinned guy with a beard) in the Praese's Residency, if you exit through the north door (with a guard on the right side) you will be taken to the courtyard/garden and unable to go back to the fort. There's three doors plus a fence and none of them take you anywhere.

2) Is there any VERY SPECIFIC way to beat the first Creature? I mean, IT's so cheap that at first I thought it was one of those scripted battles you're suppose to lose. I'm either doing something really wrong or the encounter has some SERIOUS balancing issues considering the available options. If it manages to paralize you and your health is below 75% you are most certain to meet death, lol. I've tried like 20 times already and counting to no avail! And I'm learning nothing from the encounter, as it doesn't behave on a specific manner that I notice and paralisys ratio of effect/success is very RANDOM! 

Still, I'm really enjoying what I played (until that point). Good luck with the project!! ^^


Thanks for writing such extended feedback - I'll try and address all of your points, but don't hesitate to ask for further clarification if I haven't given enough detail.

To begin, I can definitely see how the opening could come across as too heavy with dry exposition and references with little context - however, that's also due to most of the setup being frontloaded; since the 'normal' order of things disintegrates very early on, so there's not as much opportunity to spread that background through the game in a place where certain characters can be seen interacting instead of it just being described second-hand.

Most of the introductions are taken care of in the demo, so hopefully you'll find the full game to move at a more streamlined pace.

I haven't heard that issue with the courtyard mentioned elsewhere, so I'll be sure to see what could be causing it - thanks for reporting it, even "obvious" seeming errors can be missed.

Regarding the chimera battle - you're right in seeing it as unwinnable, as like all chimera encounters in the full game, it's not possible to defeat it. To progress to the last scene of the demo, you have to choose the "submit" option that's added to the game over menu when you die a second time against it. 

The full game's chimera encounters progress normally from dying once, but the additional menu part for the first is intended to play off the frustration of repeating boss battles with unskippable cutscenes.

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Thank you for your reply!

I can totally understand what the problem was regarding that battle then, lol. It seems pretty unintuitive, having to lose twice to get the "Submit" option, specially when there's nothing leading you up to think it the second time around something like that will pop up, but you explained already your plans regarding it. Now I know I don't totally suck and have a way to proceed through the rest of the demo! ^^ I was really getting into the story (or so I thought).

I guess the problem with the other event "might" be that you used two identical maps and setted the teleport to the wrong one? I'm just guessing! Anyway, that's easily fixed.

The music, I forgot to mention, it's pretty atmospheric and gives the game a really uneasy vibe! Once again, well done with the demo. I'm so looking forward to the full release on May and I honestly wish you the best of luck with it!!

any recommendations on a good .rar extractor? or any way to change it to .zip?

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If you're not able to use WinRAR at the moment, here's a version in ZIP.

Thank You!!

Is there any sex scene?

The demo just has one full scene at the end, and a brief fanservice CG near the beginning. The full game has several with both human and monster characters.

Can you make it point and click?Or have the option to change the controls? some of my keys don't function so i can't really move anywhere

You can rebind everything but the movement keys by pressing F1, but if the directional keys are an issue that likely won't help.  I'm trying to get WASD movement working at the moment, but for the time being, would numpad movement solve your problem?


Okay - tell me if this version of the demo works for you with numpad movement.