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Chimeric Violet is a bara VN with light RPG elements - the project started as just a writing exercise in putting together a small-scale, excessively gay low fantasy JRPG-ish story, and eventually took on enough material to try finishing off properly as a short game.

Taking place mostly in one city as it completely collapses over the course of a single night, the game works in reasonable quantities of monster-fucking offset with a decent amount of character interaction, at least trying for something approaching worldbuilding at times. While the direction might be a little self-indulgent, putting together something like this is an exercise in doing something entirely for yourself; and I hope that, if you try it, you’ll find something to enjoy in the characters, music, or at least in the fantastic art that goes far beyond what a project like this deserves.

The game is now available for download, and is entirely free.
Both parts of the game's soundtrack are also available to download for free.

More information including character profiles, guest artwork and setting details can be found on the project's Twitter.

Character & CG Artwork - kien-biu

Creature Artwork & Design - witnesstheabsurd

Character & CG Artwork - halakadira

Character, Battle & Landscape Artwork - shaedry

Costume Artwork - yukinayee

Pixel Art - alberttheimpact

Music - granulatedvacancies

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsBara, Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Gay, JRPG, LGBT, Monsters
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksTwitter, Soundtrack


CHIMERICVIOLET Release (30-07-19).zip 1,023 MB
Save01.rvdata2 29 kB

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This game is in serious need of a strategy guide!


can you make the screen bigger?

can i ask how to beat the first chimera it?

I'm stuck there as well, nothing seems to do any worthwhile damage!

You're not supposed to defeat it. it's unwinnable. you just have to keep letting it kill you until you get an extra option after the game over screen iirc


I'm stuck at the Factory; I'm not sure where to go. Everyone just says "follow Yalduka", but he just says "If you need to continue this, do it some other time" when I try and talk to him.

Requesting help! It took a lot of work to get to this point without dying, I don't want to start over if it turns out not to be a glitch.

Is there a way to make the combat go faster? I've died to the first major character a couple times while trying to figure out the fighting, and it's tedious having to sit through long animations to try again when I can't even go to another window or it freezes.

nope, the combat is different from others by which you are needed to die, so just surrender


I’m stuck on the first part where you fight the paladins/ warriors in brown clocks. I’m very confused. Any help is appreciated.

The same. Maybe it's broken? I remember playing this game a year ago or so and being able to pass it further, but now when I wanted to replay it from the very beginning, I'm stuck at the first scene (when you need to enter the big door that's barricaded from behind).


Oh, I've figured it out. You need to knock at the door a few times.

thanks that helps a lot

i'm so confused with the game i don't know where to go next.



i'm so confused with the game i don't know where to go next.


can you include a video collection of all the sex scenes and game overs, with text included to those who can't play the game?

Hello! I'm an android user, there was some problems with joi play emulator when starting a new game. I downloaded the save you gave and the game opened I walked around etc. But I want to enjoy the story from the start. Can you guys give me another save file a little closer to the start of the game ? I really really want to play the game it looks really cool 

Here's one from the first save point a couple of minutes in - let me know if it works for you.


thank you!! It worked 😁

Has anyone considered using a rpg maker emulator for android like joi play? And if so, how to run it because I tried and got nada?

I tried it and it gave an error when starting new game. I downloaded save01.rvdata2 and put it to game folder. It worked for opening the game but it was in the middle of story. I guess I will ask for a another save file

The second heart-shaped chimera can be defeated

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I have just completed this game and I... am confused. I honestly have a lot of mixed feelings about different aspects of the game. But hey this project was completed a year ago so I guess I can rant a bit about my experience without worrying about SPOILERS (The word is capped b/c I still care for people who accidentally found out about this game and would scout comments for feedback)

I'll start with the good experience I had with this game. First off, I definitely feel that this game is unique, content-wise and style-wise. Comparing to many other VN & RPG games featuring NSFW bara / yaoi content which simply offers you a good amount of opportunities to get your hands moving, without you concerning the background of the world where the story is situated in, this game has its own world to depict, stories to tell, and I feel that the devs probably already have a very completed list of world settings prepared (would love to play the sequels to find out), which is great. It's a good thing to have vanilla ice love simulators that won't burdening my neurons around, but it's better to occasionally chime in games that present you a well-written and deeper story. BGM is also a very, very commendable aspect of this game. I kinda like the genre (if there is one to this type), and the individual pieces are quite taylored for each scenario. Well, do notice that I meant fitting, not exactly "enjoyable". There are enjoyable ones, but there are also some very disturbing scenes featuring very disturbing cacophonies. S*x scenes are pretty good too, but, there is a "but" to it, which I'll mention below. 

And now the "questionable" aspects of the game (To me and to me alone. The experience is highly personal, so anyone who happens to read this, don't take my word for it). It's actually hard for me to pinpoint a specific element that I enjoyed less, it's just that at some points of the game, I started thinking: it made no sense. Be it a plot, a convo, or others... well and all of the battles. Lol the game itself sometimes feel as chimeric as the monsters  in it, pun intended. At many points of the game, the scenario would change abruptly and inconsistently. For instances,  your MC Iuskirho can enter a hallucination and then the scene changes and you are at a new location; characters die and got resurrected somehow; or later in game (downstream), you jump from one time point to another purposelessly. I know maybe devs intentionally made it that way to accentuate the psychotic effect, but it really was a bit much to handle. Many convos are hard to understand too when no context are provided (granted that English is not my first language, and many wordings in this game were hard for me. Some names are kinda hard to remember too). And the battles...... it deserves its own paragraph.

Many battles feature enemies you simply cannot defeat. I spent a decent 4+ hours on the first chimera, retry after retry, only to find out it is impossible... Like, why offering that option then? It's the same situation for many other battles later: when your MC enters a location with a chimera, you cannot run anymore, and stepping on certain tiles causes the chimera to move towards you very fast. So, technically you can avoid encountering them, but realistically, they are unavoidable, except for maybe 2 of them I succeeded. Also, after engaging a chimera, for the only time in game, you got the option to escape. But it is a guaranteed fail. So, all the battles ultimately boil down to two types: a few battles featuring easy enemies that you don't even have to try (except for the last few enemies during the tower climbing part (upstream) and much more unavoidable battles featuring undefeatable enemies that will guarantee to get you a CG of poor, abused Iuskirho. But at the same time, you are allowed countless tries to only find out that there is little to no chance of winning or avoiding these battles (Well maybe unless you are a hacker). I call Sadism on this one.  Oh and, throughout the whole game, there is no collectibles such as equipments, items, whatsoever. But there is a menu for them...?

Lastly, NSFW scenes... I have never used any substance in my life, but I imagine those are probably what one would see if they overdosed at a neon light show. CGs are great tho.

All in all, I was a gay guy looking for another nsfw bara games featuring buff dudes with an ahigo face, and what did I find? I found what I needed, and a lot more: Bug play, gender-queer Lovecraft monsters pegging a gay/bi guy, summoning a literal TOWER out of the same dude's a*s, and more... Popped my cherry and opened my eyes. 

That being said, I appreciate how much work the devs poured into this work. I do hope y'all treat Iuskirho better in your new projects, if he appears. The boy had been through too much and he got my sympathy for him.

sorry for bothering. But how do I save the game, every time I go out the game I have to start over

If you scroll down you can see dev's explanation. But in one word, find torches of like a magenta color and save ther

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Thank you for your wonderful work.

I am Japanese. I can't write English, so I may have written the wrong sentence as a result of using the translation site. sorry.Your game was very good. It was a game worth playing while working hard to translate.I especially like MELEUMA. It's great that Iustirho lays bugs.

It's a suggestion, but it would be even more interesting if you met Chimera many times and lost. You can make a general-purpose scene after defeat and use it many times. I often move, so I want to enjoy meeting Chimera. It's fun that Iustirho gets weaker and weaker.

Also, I'm dissatisfied with the long distance traveled and the difficulty in finding a way to trigger the next event.

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I'm having the same issue that was reported nearly a year ago. When trying to install the game from the Itch.io installer, its only giving me the option to install Save1 (and actually doesn't do anything when I click on it

I'm not entirely sure why that would have happened; but it looks like the zip for the actual game wasn't marked with a platform; which may have prevented it from showing up. It appears to work now, but let me know if you still have the issue - I also didn't have the itch.io app installed until I needed to check this right now, which is why the issue was missed to begin with.

Could you add an option to skip the intro, and to maximize the window?

What part to  loading up the save for continue to Side B story? Attach a picture for me pls

It's the save made when Zasaroja stops you just before you get the choice to accept or deny Telwas' offer. However, if you didn't make a save there, anything before that point is fine as long as you make the other choice - that save point was just placed there to make it easier to go back and see the rest, it's not the only way to do it.

Thank you.

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The game is overall quite good but it really needs some sort of map that directs you to your location. I kept on getting completely lost. Tbh the game needs more instructions in general they were lot's of confusing bits cause of the lack of them. This comment section though was very useful I was abale to find all the answers to my question's here. So in the end I went away from the game satisfied so am looking forward to the sequel you announced. 

This is such an impressive game! I enjoyed the story a lot, and the graphics were amazing ~ Thank you for making it!
Im wondering, are there more than two endings?

Thanks so much - I apologise for the late reply, but there are just the two endings. I have an aversion to doing mutually exclusive 'routes', and only fit in the two ending paths here by rolling them into the same ultimate point. 

The two new "DP" and "AG" projects I recently announced won't have multiple endings themselves, but the parallel endings of Chimeric Violet won't be ignored in them.


First of all I wanna say thank you for making this amazing game, tho some parts I found a little frustrating especially the moving balls one:P

Love the characters, the plot, and also the CGs (love me some more hot hunks)

I have a question about the CG tho... do we have an option to change the same CG with different undergarment colors? I only picked the charcoal one throughout the game and  the CG only showed the charcoal ones...


Yes - you could change the colour at any time throughout the game by going back to that bedroom and changing to another pair of underwear.

In any case, it's great to hear you ended up liking the game despite the occasional frustrating aspect - the feedback will hopefully help make anything I work on next more streamlined and less irritating.

I made the mistake of hardly paying attention  before going to bed now I have no clue. What do I do after the first interaction with Ayreen in Parlaiment? I had the 2nd encounter with the serpent chimera on the way out but don't know what my current objective is.


hi im stuck here after going out of the factory and going back into the room without going down to meet with astargal to continue the quest after talking with them.



did you save before going into the factory for the first time??


i restart from my last save(out side of the factory) and down the map instead of going inside till i met astargal to continue the quest

its fine now

So do we just lose level regardless of whether we win against the chimeras?

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Hello, I love your game and CGIs but, I have a chromebook, so I can't play, Can you upload a video showing off all the sexy bad ends, Or are you planning on making a browser version?

Hi I try to play the game but I can't go far than the first boss I don't understand why I can't kill him I'm paralyzed and I die even when I try to protect myself so maybe I passed something cause I don't speak well English but if there is a tutorial or something for help let me know please 😁

For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

I'm just downloading it from here and hoping that there is a Mac Version included, since most RP-creation programs offer these and I've seen a lot of Games containing an .exe-file as well as an .app-file to start them.

Linux usually uses WINE to run Windows-based programs, but if someone's capable of offering an executable .sh-file, it's even better.

Anyway, hoping to find the .app-file in the unzipped folder and looking forward to playing it, now that I know it's like a cute little pixel-RPG *weeeee*

Sorry, as this was done in RMVX; you may need to run it in WINE. In addition, if you run into issues with the game displaying only half the window when played through WINE, resetting the window size to "x1 (Default)" in the options should fix it.

Alright, no problem then. I'll figure something out. As soon as I can use my Linux Notebook again, I'll be able to play then at the latest - 'til then, I'll try to get WINE for Mac running and see if it works.

Thanks for the info and Happy Holidays still!

Hey there was just wondering if there was going to be an android version for this game?

please help!!!

How can I save progress. 

These torches are the save points. Once you reach the first one, there's an ingame message to remind you about them.

Hi, I have just started playing this game and I got stuck when I first met Ayreen. After I analyzing Zasaroja’s heath condition and talked to Ayreen. I was then talked to Zasaroja’s spirit form or something then I found myself woke up in a room. But the room is locked and I don’t know what to do next.

Is this the room you're stuck in?

The right door is blocked by a rock after Iustirho wakes up, but you can continue through the left door.

Thank you. I have never thought of that.

Hi, I have just completed side A of the story. The game is amazing and fantastic, especially for the art which is fabulous. But I’m a little confused with the plot. I don’t understand what is Telwas’ intention, and why Iustirho had to choose between Telwas and Zasaroja. What I mean is: What are the benefits for Iustirho if he choose Zasaroja and the other way around. I chose Zasaroja’s side but I don’t understand why he had to fight with other chimeras and characters. I understand that Ayreen and others are there to stop him but why the chimeras? Isn’t he the fifth chimera?

It's great to hear you enjoyed some part of it, I apologise if some things weren't as clear as they should have been. Hopefully, this helps clarify:

For what Telwas wants to do, I'll let you do the side B ending for the details of what his actual plan is, but his broad objective is to limit the influence on the now-stabilising chimeras (including Iustirho) on the rest of the world  by confining them to the city of Ledra.

For Iustirho's actual decision - it's informed by both the odd messages he gets from the "other" Zasaroja and the growing connection that is showing itself as they slowly become stable as a chimera, combined with his remaining distrust and dislike of both Telwas and her - he would prefer if Telwas actually could stop Zasaroja, but doesn't trust his capability to do so and is wary of what his actual part in it will be. Similarly, while he doesn't particularly want Zasaroja to succeed, he knows that he probably does have the best chance of survival if he follows her.

Although he doesn't know all the details when actually making the decision, it ends up coming down to being able to live in a world thrown into chaos by five chimeras roaming freely through it or keeping things stable at the cost of being imprisoned indefinitely.

Finally, the drowning scene and the sequence ascending the tower and fighting the various human characters and chimeras didn't physically happen; it was basically a hallucination that occurred as Iustirho and Zasaroja became a stable chimera, representing the final stages of the process - Zasaroja was basically speeding the process of consolidation up through it, whereas in the other ending with Telwas it occurs more slowly on its own while Iustirho and Zasaroja are further away from each other.

The other human characters are entirely dreamt up in that sequence (which is why they either don't speak or are shown suddenly changing languages - the line of dialogue around encountering Ayreen is also in the wrong colour, remembered from a prior scene and shown with no nametag), but the other chimeras and Zasaroja are actually them, speaking to Iustirho in this dreamlike state. The scene after this with Aztargal and Zasaroja also shows Iustirho on the ground in the same place wearing the same clothes as before the whole set of scenes occurred - he and Zasaroja were actually just unconscious on the ground the whole time.

Hopefully that helps - please let me know if you have any further questions either now or after the Side B ending.

Wow, thank you for such an elaborate explain. I love the plot for its complexity and depth, the story itself is unique, that’s why I really want to understand it fully. But since I’m not a native speaker I have to use a dictionary sometimes while playing the game. There’s only one thing left that makes me wonder. Why Iustirho would want to stop Zasaroja? If she not succeed then he will eventually die soon due to osphor poisoning. Or even worse, he might even become an unstable chimera and end up being trapped like the other chimeras. And finally, I want to say it again. The game is top-notch although this is your first project. I wish you success in your future projects. 

Part of it is him just not wanting her to get what she wants out of spite.

But although Iustirho is massively self-centered, even he recognises that letting Zasaroja have free reign to do whatever she wants to the world all but unopposed would end in disaster - especially after seeing what just being exposed to Meleuma did to Yaldukra; even having stable chimeras being free to move around could be seen to be dangerous. In Telwas' ending path, you also see that wanting to keep Liesefranche safe is another major reason why he would consider dying or being sealed.

In any case, thank you so much for trying the game - it means a lot that you're looking forward to what will come next. It'll still be a while before anything can be shown for it, but hopefully the first teases / previews for it will be ready sometime in the second half of 2020.

The side B ending is Zasaroja walking up the stairs... then an error occurs, and the game restart or is this an error?

May I ask a question? When Iustirho was captured by Oris and Viqevi and then was pierced with a nipple ring. He said that he was pierced before and the nipple ring was originally his. But I don’t remember him wearing any nipple ring before. Did I miss anything?

It does show up once before, but it is easy to not notice - in the first flashback section when you're introduced to Liesefranche, Iustirho's portrait includes piercings.

This happened when I encountered the snake like chimera (the spider web one) in the garden the second time. After that scene, I went to a place that looks like a temple where there are many Zasaroja. After that, Iustirho turned into Zasaroja and I don’t know what to do after that, since there are nothing for me to pick or anyone to hold a conversation with.

Once you're controlling Zasaroja in that section, you should be able to enter three doors on each side of the area to talk with the other chimeras - after that, you exit through the final door that appears at the top to end the scene and move on.

Is there a way to manually save and skip the opening credits? 

If by manually saving, you mean saving through the pause menu outside of the regular save points; that isn't possible, sorry.

Since the opening only plays on starting a new game, that can't be skipped either.

Apologies for any inconvenience that causes - the next project is being planned to be less restrictive in that regard.

how do I beat It?? Can someone help me please..


For the first chimera fight (referred to there just as 'it'), you continue by dying and selecting "submit" on the game over screen.

Oh ok thank you

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How do I defeat Lowjatar, she does too much damage and for some reason I cant use my heals anymore :(

Being unable to heal (or use any other ability in the Quietives menu) is a result of it using 'Abacination' on you. To remove the effect, you need to use the skill 'IX: Souliei.'

Hey, thanks for the tip! I finished the game but left wondering. It said that gallery is finished but I loaded the lastest save and some of the pictures are missing?

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