May Update Roundup

With May drawing to a close, we're now at around a month from the game's release - we hope to give another update soon with the final date.

Throughout the month, we've been able to show more of the game's varied CGs on our Twitter (as always, links NSFW); showing a bit more of Yaldukra and Orris' scenes, and incorporating the new, revised and significantly more messy cum effects.  As can be seen in Orris', he's sporting a different colour scheme from his default bleached blond - most of the cast will have alternate colours in flashback and epilogue scenes to show the passage of time, with his being one of the few to change hair colour as well after a poll found the black dyed look to be most popular.

We've also been able to share some of the elements that make up the opening video, such as a 3D model of Aztargal's mask and pseudo-animated flipbook sketches - the full video should be posted fairly soon.

The track accompanying the preview (and the piece of music used for the opening) is MICROLITHIA II, which can be heard in full in the second and final part of the soundtrack, released last month as a free download. As the name suggests, it's a new arrangement of the original title theme MICROLITHIA - the second part of the soundtrack features a fair few reprises and remixes of earlier character themes. 

The three most prominent are 'Extenterate EREBUS', 'periwinkle formaldehyde' and 'HIRANYAGARBHA + some waterfowl' - the first is a much more elaborate and high-energy take on 'Disembowel EREBUS'the boss theme used for the Zasaroja & Orris fight; which is later considered more Orris' theme.

'periwinkle formaldehyde' is based on Zasaroja's actual theme 'periwinkle femme', played a lot in later parts of the demo. Foregrounding piano and taking a more contemplative and reflective tone to the original's more imposing chant; it suggests a few things about the state she's in after causing the citywide upheaval, and the nature of her continuing plans...

Finally, the most dramatic change from the original to the rearranged piece is 'HIRANYAGARBHA + some waterfowl' from Telwas' original theme 'Coscoroba'. You can imagine what developments this will accompany - especially keeping in mind that it incorporates not just his theme, but another character's...

In addition, we were able to show background art like this piece from Shaedry which gives more of a sense of place to the game's setting of the city of Ledra; and also serves as the first shown full coloured look at the Third Chimera; the serpentine 'Greenhouse 6 West Division'.  

Pretty much the entire game takes place within the city - the layout is taken fairly directly from the ingame maps; with the Praeses' residence the demo ends in just obscured by the clock tower, and the crosswalk separating the west and east parts of the traversable map. But being able to visualise it from more than a top-down perspective gives it a bit more presence - several other locations will have art like this, but the nature of the events they're seen in might make them a little difficult to show before the game is released...

Thanks for following the game so far - we hope you're liking what you're seeing so far; and aim to be able to provide you with an exact release date soon.


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