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Hey there, I created an account just to comment on this!

Loved the game and all it had to offer, amazing artworks, music and plotline! Loved Iustirho and Zasaroja in particular, and the world building was surprisingly deep. This game really scrathced the itch I had for a plot focused bara VN-RPG, there's not many of those (And none as good and as polished as this one, in my opinion).  Definetly keeping an eye out for your future projects! And again congrats on your great project, best wishes!


That's wonderful to hear, thank you so much - I'm glad what the tone and characters were aiming for ended up being what you were looking for. The lack of anything which mixed those elements up in quite the same way was the reason why this game was made - although that could also have been because it didn't need to exist, it's fantastic to see people who think otherwise.

Thank you for your interest in potential future games - however, while I have already started on another project, it's going to be very different, and may be fairly far off.

Glad to hear you're already working on another project, take your time! Now I'm curious as to how different it'll be, and what'll be about! Good luck on your work

Um... my game crashed in the epilogue when Z (can't be bothered to spell her name) went into the monument. I briefly got an error message I didn't have time to read and then the game restarted at the beginning like I was starting up a new game.

Was... was that supposed to happen? Was this entire thing just one massive troll?


It is intended, but it's not quite a restart - I'm not sure if you closed it at that point, but if you did, I can only say to keep going through it when that occurs.


So... I have a quick spoiler question. I just finished the second chimera battle and... Is the guy died ? Because you showed off his sex scenes on twitter and I didn't get to see them yet. What the heck? Was I supposed to go back for him? Is there a way to save him?

I can at least say not to worry that you missed anything so far. The very few times something can be missed or a separate save is recommended, you'll be told directly.

Any tip on how to beat the first chimera boss?

You aren´t supposed to. Chimeras can´t be beat, you always lose to them. In order to continue the story from the first boss, you have to choose the "Submit" option, insted of trying again.

😐 30mins and 6 replays 😒 if we were supposed to lose it could have just gone to the cutscene 

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is it possible if we could get a walkthrough or a guide,simpletons like me are unworthy of this journey. can we geta guide to unlock all the cg?

All the CGs unlock automatically once you finish the Side B ending.

But there's not that many missable scenes before that - it's really only if you don't run into either the third Meleuma or Greenhouse encounter in the industrial area (which are also needed to start the last optional chimera scene); which if you haven't done triggers the message about missing something.

Other than that, everything is on the main path.

If you meant a guide on how endings work, that was covered in the release devlog - hopefully that helps.

How do you save the game caz i cant find it anywhere in the settings menu?

The save points are the torches with violet flames - just walk up to one and press Enter to bring up the save menu.

What to do with the last boss (the hand with a closed eye in it)? I can't damage it or its companions and they can barelly damage me.

For Lowjatar phase 1, you need to disable the accompanying enemies with skills that match them (for example, using Xanthellum on the enemy Xanthellum). After all of them are removed, hitting Lowjatar with anything moves you to the second phase, which is a normal fight.

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Still haven´t finished the game, but just for the sake of planning on how I will complete it, cI would like to know, since you end up losing levels after a Chimera scene, is it possible to end the game even after all their scenes, or do i have to pick and choose which ones I want to see or not???

Getting all the optional chimera scenes is actually required to see the last extra one, so it's encouraged to not miss any - the point of no return for them also has plenty of warning with chances to save beforehand. With all of the chimera scenes, Iustirho's level falls to 10, but that doesn't make completing the game any harder - the levels (and Iustirho getting weaker / more tired) are mainly just there for presentation.

Ok, thank you very much. I was mostly worried because of him losing his skills/abilities, so I thought that if I arrived at later points I would REALLY need them and since they wouldn´t be usable, I wouldn´t be able to proceed in the game.

Really quick question. So I came to the part right before I had to launch the firework and the game is telling me I'm missing something. I for the life of me cannot figure out what it is!! The factory is closed, I can't find anyone in parliment, the mansion in the beginning of the game is empty. I don't know what I need to do.
Any ideas?
Also, this door leads to the mansion dungeon for some reason....

That incorrect area transition was fixed in the 29/06/19 version, but thank you for bringing it up regardless.

If you're getting the message you've missed something before the bridge, it means you haven't done all the chimera scenes yet - 3 for Meluma, 2 for Patricia, 3 for the Greenhouse. It's likely you missed one of them in the industrial area.

My game froze after defeating the LowStar? (Person in the giant gold eye) thing....and I had to close and I'm at before the battle. Is that normal?

I just checked the sequence again on the current version of the game, and nothing appeared to freeze - at which part did you experience the problem? Still on the battle screen, immediately afterwards with Iustirho on the stairs, or after the subsequent CGs?

emm my game bug/crashed at the ending after finishing upstream and downstream. some thing wrong about script and my game refreshed soon. happened when yellow hair zasaroja when up to the light part.(sorry if im not that clear it happened really fast i couldnt get a screenshot before game restart)

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i tried redownload the newest edition and switched the side i played first and still im stuck at the yellow hair zasaroja when she is steping into the stair and bug when i reach the light(end of map) also game reset the side u finished after the bug. 

That isn't actually an error.

After it 'resets', just keep going.

i tried again and i managed to get something useful?

script b line 1622 NoMethodError occurred undefined method item something. hope they help with how to fix this. feels bad cant see the ending cuz this 

Yes, that isn't an actual error - it's the intended path, and part of the ending.

Don't close the game, and just keep going when the opening plays again.

oh wow this game.... i was not expecting this ending at all. so brilliant. i thought this was just a fap and go but the story, plot and detail in it. just well done 9999999/100 game

Amazing game!!! The artwork, the suspense, the whole world building was fun to piece together... But the story left me a little confused. Mind answering some questions bdellium?

!!Spoilers Ahead!!

1. Why did the story split in to Upstream and Downstream?  The choice to help or leave felt a little too simple to cause the main story world to diverge in to two.

2. I thought the 5th chimera were the separate bodies of Iustirho and Zasaraja? What does that make the monolith?

3. Any extra info on Stelia (Monolith Girl)  & Trelloth Nilkaile (mysterious benefactor)?

Thank you so much - I'm glad you didn't mind the game, and it's great to see that the events of the ending caught some interest.

I'll try to answer some of your ending-related questions, just pushing it down a bit because of spoilers:

1. The presence of the monolith itself was what caused the divergence in events - Telwas couldn't have summoned it without Iustirho being there at that point. It being there in the Downstream ending caused the osphor to be drained from the world of the Upstream ending, resulting in Zasaroja's transmigration plan.

2. The monolith not only is not a chimera, but it wasn't created during the events of the game - it existed long, long before; and it was just summoned to Ledra. It's the artifact all osphor stemmed from, essentially its blood; which when wounded in past millennia infected the setting.

Telwas only knew a tiny bit about what has been written about it, as the only proven aspect about it was the ability to draw osphor back into itself. The place seen in the Side B ending is not where it originated, but it was where it had been residing for the past couple of thousand years - the same place Stelia is now.

3A. Nilkaille isn't that complicated - he's a wealthy and connected businessman who over the past decades has cultivated a substantial interest in occultism, and was part of getting Zasaroja in the right place to try setting off the events of the game. The reason why he kills himself in the Downstream ending is because of the monolith tying the chimeras to Ledra. He planned on having the Greenhouse perform the same procedure on him as Patricia did to Yaldukra (which had become more urgent because of his critically failing health), but it was out of reach - the inoculations required to get into the city may themselves have killed him at that stage.

In the Upstream ending, he successfully convinces the Greenhouse to perform the procedure - the man Zasaroja talked to her about in the earlier black and white segment was him. Knowing about the eventual fate of osphor in that plane, he tested the transmigration procedure a few times to jump to the world of the Downstream ending, resulting in his appearance in front of Orris and Viqevi. This version of Nilkaille also is taken along with the other chimeras and their associates when they leave with the monolith.

3B. Stelia is a little more complicated. There's a lot of backstory that could be explained in full, but to keep this from going too long (and not getting into too much of what might constitute a future project), there are a couple of things that can be confirmed.

As the name suggests, she's Greek.

She's in a senior directorial position in the city seen in the Side B ending, where the presence of the monoliths is a known quantity.

The 'Accountant' she refers to isn't a person, as such.

The contact with Zasaroja was entirely unexpected - she has some awareness of other universes, but she has far from all the answers, and was basically put in
this situation and left to figure things out through trial and error for millennia.

As can be inferred from that, she is effectively immortal - but it's the same for the entire society she inhabits. She's seen looking somewhere in her 30s, but she doesn't stay fixed to that appearance - she ages and dies at a normal rate, then her body is reborn from the ocean at her 'baseline' age with seamless continuity of consciousness - for her, mid-20s, for others it can skew older.

I hope that answered some of your questions - if there's anything else you'd like to be clarified, please don't hesitate to ask.

Not going to lie, I'm confuse on where to go next? Its after the 2nd Chimera and I'm supposed to meet the parliament. I went up to the top area and got a cutscene to where a person runs away. Left and came back and everyone was gone so I'm just wandering around aimlessly trying to get something to happen. 

Do you mean the flashback when you enter the gardens?

The way to Parliament starts with the right part of the cross-shaped intersection - the door to continue further is at the right side of the next area, next to a save point.

Thanks! Trying not to be hand-holded but I got past the part where the eggs-hatched and had that dialogue between them when I went towards the direction of the factory. Not exactly sure where I'm heading off next....maybe I overlooked the dialogue?

You're heading down to where the second chimera encounter took place (the first time the egg chimera was seen) - after seeing the dialogue in the canals, you can go past the part that was blocked off before. Please don't feel bad about asking questions - it's good to know when the given directions aren't as clear.

I can't defeat the first boss - I tried 4 times already and the same thing always happens: on the second or third turn it paralyzes me and then keeps hitting and paralyzing until I’m dead with no opportunity to do anything. The unskippable dialog and cutscene before the boss don’t really help either.

The first chimera fight in the Praeses' residence? You should have a 'submit' option along with 'retry' and 'exit' - choosing 'submit' is the only way the game can continue from there. No chimera fights can be won; but that first encounter is the only one that goes to a pseudo-game-over screen instead of just continuing normally - originally in the demo, you had to die multiple times for the option to show up to channel more of the unskippable boss cutscene frustration, but that was changed in the full game.

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>choosing 'submit' is the only way the game can continue from there

Thanks, I'll give it a try. But honestly, how was I supposed to figure that out?

Don't search for logic in there) I gave up)

I am stuck at the final boss. the boss and me just keep dealing no damage and we are getting no where.

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Nah I figure it out. But the game just freeze when I lost the second battle?

The 29/06/19 version should address that problem. Thank you for noting it.

Hi, the update doesn't really fix much though, After losing to the second boss there's a bit of dialogue before being reset to the ground floor of the clock tower, after that every entrance is blocked and the defeated enemies are back but you can't fight them, they're just frozen like walls so you're just trapped :^/

Not sure if anyone else also his this problem but when i open the gallery at that point the game freezes too

so far the game has been enjoyable tho

Thanks - further changes have been made, and 29/06/19 Fix 1 hopefully addresses it correctly.

To note, if you made a save with an earlier version of the game, the defeated enemy positions won't change as you go back up the tower, but you can walk through the corpses blocking the stairs to make it possible to still continue.

Regarding the gallery, is it a complete freeze or just a really long loading time? I wasn't expecting how long it'd take to initialise once you started unlocking more pages - I'll look into adding a loading screen to make that clearer.

thanks for the quick update! for some reason you still have to fight ayreen and orris again tho, not sure if its intentional but the second phase of the boss also uses orris and zasaroja's cut in animations when using certain attacks.

i also believe theres a small script error in the scene with Toghda and Thusythe something along the lines og "toghda's eyes widened when he saw toghda"

also about the gallery yeah my bad oops i had just assumed it locked up because i couldnt press esc, strangely tho all of the cgs suddenly became unlocked even tho i hadn't finished everything yet

thats all I've noticed so far, nothing game breaking yet tho so i dont think theres a need to rush out another fix just yet 

Good day, i have a concern pertaining on the controls, im using an app called Kinoni streamer, so that i can play pc games using my phone just by remote desktop, back then when i was playkng the demo, the controls was working(x box type controller) but with the new release, i cant use the xbox type controller on my kinoni streamer remote desktop app is there a settings to adjust so that it will enable the usage of remote desktop controller?, and oh im using remote desktop because its much comfortable playing using my phone. 

In the game's setting log, is there something i should input in order to enable xbox remote desktop controller?  I was really dissapointed that it is not working in the release anymore :(

The only thing I can think of that might have interfered with that would be the numpad movement binding that was added later; which wouldn't have been in the demo depending on when you played it.

Can you please tell me if this version of the demo also doesn't work with your setup? If that's the case, then I might be able to solve your problem by removing it.


I have a Problem with the extraction of the Game after downloading it always tells me that it failed to extract hiranyexl3both.ogg . Downloaded the game now multiple times but it dosn´t help to fix the problem so i thought i ask here if anyone knows a solution.

Does this occur in the middle of running the .exe? Please let me know if you also have an issue with this file not extracting with the most recent version.

Me too. Though I've downloaded everything and can play the demo. But the actual game won't extract (recent version). It gets stuck on game.rgssa.3a when trying to run the .exe

I haven't been able to replicate any extraction problems, but from the next revision I'll upload a pre-extracted version that's just in .zip format.

I managed to get all of it by compressing it into a zip folder and extracting it twice. Though is it normal for the program to say "Prologue Demo"? Because this was the version I downloaded from the website up above

For some reason, the displayed name staying as 'Prologue Demo' kept staying regardless of how many times it was changed until I exported it on another computer. 

Along with that being fixed, the 29/06/19 version is now just an ordinary .zip - so while it's good you were able to resolve your issue with the previous archive format, hopefully this stops the issue happening to anyone else.


I have to say this game is amazing! The characters, the sound, the nsfw arts are incredible. Amazing work. Only one thing: After the "Clock Tower Plaza chapter my game freezes and I can't move. All I can do is close the game(Alt+f4)

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I am facing the same issue as well. Iustihro will freeze in place at the top of the ladder after the 2nd encounter with the Library Chimera - Egg scene.


Another bug I came across happened after the 2nd encounter with Greenhouse Chimera - when you switch with Zasaraja and talk to each Chimera. To make this easier to understand, I will give the Chimeras a number: 

Library, east door (tentacle & gel chimera) = 1

Patricia, west door (Girl chimera) = 2

Greenhouse, south door (Spiderweb chimera) = 3

If you talk to them in this order: 1-2 or 2-1, after the second conversation, the game would black screen.

What worked for me was to go in this order, 3-1-2. I had to re-load 3 times to figure this out. Even after getting past this point, the Main Character sprites bugged out a little (invisible, switching between Iustihro and Zaraja) until you are teleported away to the Clocktower.

Both of these issues (the freezing and the chimera orders) have now been resolved in the 28/06/19 version - thank you for noting them. 

The hybrid sprite actually is intentional, however - that's an entirely separate sheet put together for that effect.

It also happened to me idk why

If you're getting the freezing on the ladder, are you using the most recent version of the game? The 28/06/19 version should address the issue.

When I enter the factory on the second screen the game soft locks. The main character takes a step forward automatically and I can't move anymore. I've already tried reloading a couple of times but I can't go past this.

 Is there anything I'm missing?

I'm having the same issue. I tried going through all three of the doors and the MC still moves forward. Might be an issue with the pathing of the event.

Is this occurring at the very first entrance into the Factory (after meeting Aztargal for the first time)? There should be no instance where Aztargal and Toghda are standing next to each other as in the image you've provided - I haven't been able to replicate this, so further detail would help fix the issue.

Yes, that's exactly the moment. After you go to Iustirho's house and then to the factory, meet Aztargal and then go to the next screen. This is when this happens. 

That's really strange, then - I've gone over that part a few times, but can't seem to replicate the problem. However, I think I know what might be happening - you said the character moves forward; which isn't supposed to happen in the event that needs to be triggered.

That is how another event that happens later begins, however, which also has the same criteria as Toghda being there, as in your image. I'll try and see what could be causing the condition to activate before it's supposed to.

I don't know if this is relevant or not but I'm using the save file that you provided to skip the prologue.

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I'm having the same issue too and yes, it occurs right after going to the Factory for the first time and meeting the lady with the mask. I honestly don't know what cause me and a few people to have this bug but not others, I pretty much went straight from Iustirho's house to the Factory, saved, and it happened.

I still don't know what caused the issue in the first place, but please let me know if the version of the game that resets that variable when Aztargal is met for the first time (28/06/19 Fix 1) fixes the problem for you.

The fix works, thank you very much! I also tried the method Nephology suggested on the old version of the game, and it seemed to fix it too, so I guess the bug is indeed caused by going towards the south canals before entering Iustirho's house.

I downloaded the game but it keeps crashing at the same scene in his house. I get a pop up Unable to find file: Graphics/Characters/$LSDEO_(4). I've  tried uninstalling and re downloading the game but no luck.

The (27/06/19 Fix 2) version should resolve this issue. Thank you for noting the problem.

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Thank you for the quick update! I'll let you know if i find any bugs in the future.

Edit: Found another one i believe, after the second scene with the Library Chimera after going up the ladder and partly seeing the two blue and green soldiers the game doesn't play out the scene for some reason.

The 28/06/19 version should address this issue - thank you for your patience.

Doesn't that mean we have to play it all over again?

No, you can just copy your save files from previous versions into later ones; similar to how you'd put the provided post-demo save file in. Not being able to carry over saves from the actual demo is entirely different to being able to carry over saves through different versions of the full game.

How does one find the "Fix 2" version? I only see "Fix 1" on the page.

(I'm having the same problem, but I love everything else about this game so far. I'd really love to continue.)

The 'Fix #' naming was just for multiple versions released on the same day, any later version (like the current version uploaded now) will also not have the issue. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

not a user but i discovered this game by accident and boy what a great demo. i been checking ur twit everyday for update and i just want to say thank you for this amazing game thats coming out!!!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE

stuck opening the door after the first fight

In the very first hall?

The left side of the double doors should open, you either need to try opening it multiple times (each time has a different message showing it's getting closer to opening) or go off to the room to the side then come back.

Interesting project I stumbled onto....a week before it finished nonetheless!! I'm kinda curious though, is this supposed to be an erotic horror game? It kinda feels like that's where this is going.

On a side note, is the game going to explain the setting more? I basically understand what's happening but I'm a little fuzzy about a few things, like where we are, how far away are we from the nuke site, why did the assassinated king like charcol panties so much, etc.

First, thanks for your interest in the game.

I'm not entirely sure about the 'erotic horror' angle, depending on how you define it - while some themes and elements of horror might overlap, as a description of the game as a whole I'm not sure it fits. It's a bit closer to how a SMT game would set out its world post-apocalypse, although these events are more localised.  

With how front-loaded the exposition was in the prologue, I was hesitant to pile on more, but the more important parts of the setting and background do get further explanation. For your two questions - Murechis, where Zasaroja, Iustirho and Telwas were born, is an island, while Gulkea, the country the game takes place in, is part of the mainland it's closest to. Telwas' profile deals a  little more with how the country was split following the incident, with a small provisional government seceding to govern East Murechis as its own nation, which despite suffering less of the direct effects of the incident (that occurred in its capital close to the western coast) still experienced far from a smooth transition of power given how much of the country's infrastructure was gutted and the time it took to re-establish a political relationship with countries on the mainland - at the time the game takes place, Murechis as a whole is still a shell.

The underwear is there for a specific reason - after the prologue, Iustirho can wear any of those four pieces after his leggings are destroyed. The description of the charcoal-coloured pair just signifies that they were used and set aside to be washed, not that the Praeses has a particular preference for that colour.

Hopefully that helped - if there's any further things you'd like cleared up; feel free to ask.

My! I was not expecting such a detailed response!!! Even the underwear question I added as a joke got answered~XD

But yeah, I agree that adding that info to the prologue would have been a bad idea. Alot of really compilcated ideas kinda got shoved in the beginning so I probably would have been overwhelmed with the additional info. 

Regardless the project still seems promising. I'm looking forward to it!!

am excited and looking forward to playing the full game next week...

I really hope there's gonna be a mac version coming really soon. I may not have been able to play it, but it really looks good.

Will there be a mac version made?

After the full release is out, I'd like to do a Mac wrapper for the game, but that could take some time to test; as all I have access to are Windows PCs.

Hello, just wanna ask, will this be also available for android? I really like the demo on pc so far but would really like an android version too.

It's great to hear you enjoyed the demo - unfortunately, nothing can really be promised in regards to Android, since this was made in the VX editor (as opposed to 2000/2003 which have more mature emulators and MV which has native compatibility) - and as such there doesn't appear to be an easy way to run it on Android.

Oh ok,anyway, im super excited on the release this month :)

I can't seem to download the demo

At what stage are you having the issue? The "cvd18v2.rar" file contains the "xovv.exe", which needs to be run to extract everything.

Or is the download just not starting for you? 

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It downloads as a rar file and tries to open in my internet explorer but it won't open. The rar file doesn't give me xovv.exe to run.

Were you trying to play it in a browser? That isn't supported, since the rar file (cvd18v2.rar) contains the xovv.exe which needs to be run to extract the game data.

However, if you were just trying to download it normally, I'm not sure what the issue was, since the file appears to be working when tried again that way.

I was just trying to download it. For some reason when I download it the file opens my I.E. and never allows me to extract it.

Oh, are you saying you can't open the .rar file once you've downloaded it?

If you're not able to use WinRAR at the moment, here's a version in ZIP.

Quite looking forward to this game.

Hype, hype, hype, hype...

I love the game ! Please keep it up !!!

Can you tell me how to save the game

The save points are the torches with violet flames - just walk up to one and press Enter to bring up the save menu.

If you go past the door next to the first save point without using it, you're supposed to get a pop up explaining what it does and asking if you want to continue without saving - did that not show up for you, or was it written in an unhelpful way?

Thanks ad :))

This game looks pretty interesting. Any chance there'll be a version for Mac user?

A native Mac version would likely only be considered after the full release; so until then you may have to run the game under WINE or with a VM.

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Just a head's up to anyone who wants to play this through the Itch Io app - the "Launch" button is configured to start the extraction process, it is NOT an executable for the game itself. After the extraction process is done you have to go to where the files were installed and start the game manually. It's under the "xovv" folder.

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Hey bdellium!

Congratulations on this project! I've been checking out the demo and for the most part I really liked it. I found the story "a bit" dense and overcomplicated initially, but that's a matter of personal taste. The character designs are nicely done! Although some styles between artists clashed a bit, perhaps. Overall, there game is aiming to have a lot of personality and trying to do its own thing! Which is something I appreciate above anything else. I'm also happy that you got so many downloads. This is one of those projects that, I believe, shows once more than there's an audience for this type of games out there. JUST two quick issues;

1) Maybe you found out about this one already but still I feel like reporting it, just in case. After the FIRST meeting with VIQUEL(?) - (can't remember the name exactly, but he's the somber, dark skinned guy with a beard) in the Praese's Residency, if you exit through the north door (with a guard on the right side) you will be taken to the courtyard/garden and unable to go back to the fort. There's three doors plus a fence and none of them take you anywhere.

2) Is there any VERY SPECIFIC way to beat the first Creature? I mean, IT's so cheap that at first I thought it was one of those scripted battles you're suppose to lose. I'm either doing something really wrong or the encounter has some SERIOUS balancing issues considering the available options. If it manages to paralize you and your health is below 75% you are most certain to meet death, lol. I've tried like 20 times already and counting to no avail! And I'm learning nothing from the encounter, as it doesn't behave on a specific manner that I notice and paralisys ratio of effect/success is very RANDOM! 

Still, I'm really enjoying what I played (until that point). Good luck with the project!! ^^


Thanks for writing such extended feedback - I'll try and address all of your points, but don't hesitate to ask for further clarification if I haven't given enough detail.

To begin, I can definitely see how the opening could come across as too heavy with dry exposition and references with little context - however, that's also due to most of the setup being frontloaded; since the 'normal' order of things disintegrates very early on, so there's not as much opportunity to spread that background through the game in a place where certain characters can be seen interacting instead of it just being described second-hand.

Most of the introductions are taken care of in the demo, so hopefully you'll find the full game to move at a more streamlined pace.

I haven't heard that issue with the courtyard mentioned elsewhere, so I'll be sure to see what could be causing it - thanks for reporting it, even "obvious" seeming errors can be missed.

Regarding the chimera battle - you're right in seeing it as unwinnable, as like all chimera encounters in the full game, it's not possible to defeat it. To progress to the last scene of the demo, you have to choose the "submit" option that's added to the game over menu when you die a second time against it. 

The full game's chimera encounters progress normally from dying once, but the additional menu part for the first is intended to play off the frustration of repeating boss battles with unskippable cutscenes.

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Thank you for your reply!

I can totally understand what the problem was regarding that battle then, lol. It seems pretty unintuitive, having to lose twice to get the "Submit" option, specially when there's nothing leading you up to think it the second time around something like that will pop up, but you explained already your plans regarding it. Now I know I don't totally suck and have a way to proceed through the rest of the demo! ^^ I was really getting into the story (or so I thought).

I guess the problem with the other event "might" be that you used two identical maps and setted the teleport to the wrong one? I'm just guessing! Anyway, that's easily fixed.

The music, I forgot to mention, it's pretty atmospheric and gives the game a really uneasy vibe! Once again, well done with the demo. I'm so looking forward to the full release on May and I honestly wish you the best of luck with it!!

any recommendations on a good .rar extractor? or any way to change it to .zip?

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If you're not able to use WinRAR at the moment, here's a version in ZIP.

Thank You!!

Is there any sex scene?

The demo just has one full scene at the end, and a brief fanservice CG near the beginning. The full game has several with both human and monster characters.

Can you make it point and click?Or have the option to change the controls? some of my keys don't function so i can't really move anywhere

You can rebind everything but the movement keys by pressing F1, but if the directional keys are an issue that likely won't help.  I'm trying to get WASD movement working at the moment, but for the time being, would numpad movement solve your problem?


Okay - tell me if this version of the demo works for you with numpad movement.

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